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Whether you're a product or service based business owner, managing a small, medium or micro business, how you are perceived and your reputation forms the backbone of your business. 


What you say in your communications and how you deliver them will influence your potential customers, current customers, suppliers and staff. What they say, read, feel and think will impact on your credibility and therefore your reputation. All outbound communications and from social media to blogs, from media attention to your brand authority, all inform, influence and create perception that effect your reputation.

There are three packages to suit your different needs and outcomes. 


Workshops to enhance your current skills: getting you media ready and building brand influence, learning the art of writing press releases or building a communications strategy.

An In the Wings consultancy service for those that are starting out on their media journey or are looking for greater amplification of their current communications.

Finally, a fully outsourced Communications and Media Relations solution utilising my expertise learnt over many years; giving you exactly is needed to gain media exposure and attract the right attention.  

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From brushing up your writing skills and DIY-ing your own PR to nailing your branding to create recognition and authority, these workshops are for you. Learn how to craft newsworthy press releases, engage readers with your social media feeds, craft appealing headlines whilst attracting journalist attention to make your business the star of the show.



Never be stuck for creating communications with confidence again. You're a micro business owner wanting to grow awareness in your brand.  Your product rocks only you wish more people knew about you and your business.  You've so many ideas for your business and you know your marketing efforts work but if you're honest they need honing, and perhaps your outbound communications do slip occasionally - after all there are only so many plates you can spin at once!


This is for those of you that need the help of a fully outsourced public relations and press office professional. With direct access to journalists, reaching the right audience to spread information about your business effectively.  Supporting you directly or working with your marketing team, to give validity to your campaigns, amplify your name, demonstrate credibility and earn trust to make you stand out from your competitors.

Just a few publications clients have been featured in....

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