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If you've missed my live Let's Talk Business radio show on River Radio you can listen on catch up through the links below.


Discover just what it takes to become a successful business owner in the Thames Valley.  Listen to interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you, everyone has a story to tell. Hear what inspired them to start on their business journey, learn from them as they share their tips and and mistakes they made along the way.  Sharing book and podcasts recommendations to support you this educational and entertaining show will demonstrate that you are not alone in your journey. Put the kettle on and settle in to listen in to our show - it'll be like eavesdropping on the best business conversation you've ever heard!

River Radio Let's Talk Business Wednesdays 1-2pm

Broadcasting across the Thames Valley River Radio is a new station that will keep you company through the day.  Tune in to find River Radio on DAB.

If you'd like to be considered as a guest on my show do get in touch via or if there's a topic you'd like to see covered let us know - we appreciate your feedback.

16th March 22

Brand photographer Meghan Claire of Meghan Claire Photography talks through what we can do to make sure our headshots are on brand.  

7th March 22

Wendy White from Wendy Woo opens up about the challenges of life that enabled her to set up her outstanding business.

16th Feb 22

Nina Panesaar-Woods of Sansaar Yoga talks us through how to adopt Ayvenda Lifestyle to support a healthier mind and body, plus tips to anti-aging. Yoga and technology might be odd playmates, we discuss how to keep onto of technology and the importance of building a community.

Let's Talk Business
2nd Feb 22

In this episode we chat to Jane Dell, programme manager for Buckinghamshire Business First, a business-led, business-focused community for new, established and growing busiensses across Buckinghamshire.  Listen in to discover how they can help your business grow and how they already support 17,000 other businesses just like yours.

Let's Talk Business
26th Jan 22

It's International Chocolate Cake day so to celebrate Mick Collins from Theobroma Cacoa Ltd joins us in the studio.  Mick started out in the Navy and went on to join the police force so how did he come to make such delicious and unique chocolates - and yes! we know they're delicious because we did a taste test on air!

Let's Talk Business
19th Jan 22

How do you become a home healer - what even is a home healer?  Listen to Emma Loveheart tell the story of how she came to discover her unusual gift and how she now uses it to help others.  Hearing Emma's stories will convert the most sceptic of people.

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