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For you B2C business owners and marketers working with premium products, that are looking for a fully outsourced PR professional to become part of the team. You're looking for increased awareness in your business, launching a product or wanting that regular media attention which puts you in the same league as your bigger competitors.

After an initial call to talk through your aims and objectives, we will work together to identify a campaign suitable for your brand and budget.

Leave the creative approach, time consuming research, writing and follow-up to me; you can be as involved as much or as little as you like, although you will always have final approval.  However, expect honesty from me when it comes to where and how to approach your comms to make best use of your budget!

From national newspapers to online specialist platforms, focussing on your target customer base to secure you coverage that gets noticed by your target audience.

One-off campaigns typically last four months, getting under the skin of your business to hone your messaging and brand authority. There are no quick fixes or magic formulas to achieving recognition despite what you hear about social media.   Playing the long game with your PR communications will have the biggest impact.  By running monthly targeted campaigns over a longer timeframe, you will gain greater momentum, recognition and authority.

Often I work alongside marketers forming a team to amplify a launch or marketing campaign. PR is an important part of the marketing mix.   As a recent report by The Marketing Society said "as reputation, credibility, authenticity and transparency have become more important to consumers, PR has emerged as a key element of the marketing mix".  A team that is able to offer a 360 marketing and communications approach will give any business the best chance of success.

As a guide, a 4 month media relations campaign typically costs from £4,000

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